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wood carving tools on a tool rack Wood carving tools are made from high-carbon steel.  The steel may be drop forged or hammer forged to create the metal parts of the tool blade, shank, shoulder, and tang.  Hammer forging is considered the better method because the grain structure within the metal is finer and stronger.  The cutting blade is then heated to temper and harden it to optimum hardness.  The remaining shank, shoulder, and tang are made softer so they will have more resilience.

Wood carving tools can be purchased handled or un-handled.  Factory-made handles from a given manufacturer are usually all the same shape, varying only in size.  It is convenient to have a tool arrive sharpened and handled.  But a handle that is custom-made by the carver is more comfortable to hold.  This personal attention may affect how the woodcarver carves.

The wood carving tool makers listed on this page offer a broad spectrum of tools for amateur and professional woodcarvers.

Wood Carving Tool Manufacturers

  • Flexcut Tool Company
    This Pennsylvania-based carving tool manufacturer features multi-functional wood carving tools made with flexible blades, high carbon spring steel edges, and ergonomically designed handles.
  • U.J. Ramelson
    Founded in 1937, this New Jersey-based firm is a leader in quality American made hand tools.  The company offers carving sets, fishtail gouges, mini woodturning sets, miscellaneous tools and accessories.
  • Warren Cutlery
    New York-based manufacturer of quality tools, handles, and accessories for both the novice and professional wood carver.
  • Henry Taylor Tools
    This British firm features a unique combination of traditional skill, individualized production, quality Sheffield steel, and the needed technology to produce a wide variety of precision tools with excellent cutting edges for skilled woodcarvers throughout the world.
  • Pfeil Tools
    This Swiss toolmaker features a wide assortment of quality wood carving tools.  Pfeil collaborates with wood carving educators and professional woodcarvers around the globe to continually refine their tool designs.
  • Stubai Direct
    This Austrian firm manufactures fine quality wood carving tools which are enjoyed by professionals and enthusiastic carvers worldwide.
  • Ashley Iles
    British firm offers woodturning and carving tools made in the old tradition for discriminating woodturners and carvers throughout the world.

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